by tryad

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'listen' is tryad's second creative commons album release.

involving the work of 20 musicians located around the world, this album represents a global collective effort.

a blending of multiple styles, with a specific focus placed upon classical piano, 'listen' is a mature work of melodic electronica.

share and enjoy.


released December 21, 2006




tryad Seattle, Washington

Tryad is an international Creative Commons music collaboration that was born in 2005.

Founded iby lead singer Andrew Vavrek, Tryad consists of a growing number of global artists.

Tryad publishes music under a copyleft license which allows for free downloading, sharing, remixing, public performance, use in video production, as well as commercial distribution.

Copy, remix, and share!

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Track Name: struttin'
cold crispy crunchy crackle
pulsating electrical static
it's just so automatic
my piece of personal plastic

instant phat packet zap
beat net delivery fix
baby blonde battery barbies
ain't got nothing on this

key ticks go clickity clack
holowach hits his hard drive hack
download track and bounce right back
p2p is where it's at

spot rip sample and clip
zip burn spin and spit
some sonic assembly line trip
shooting strait, strait from the hip

speaking to this tiny box
through wires words walk
struttin down browser blocks
world-wide transmission talk

fuzzy flicker fm falls
drm dashed to the walls
podcast broadcasts signal no noise
global infinite internet choice

music junkies get all for free
major labels don't get me
contracts kiss my industry
i'll sing the system to its knees

try to stop a genie loose
lawyers can't hold back the truth
we the people, we the youth
you the media, we're now too

evolving global brain
planet transmit tell-tale train
virtual visual psychic plane
alpha omega ascension game

serket dot net beams it down
rj carries the classical crown
arna ema sing some rounds
try^d kicks the combined sound
Track Name: breathe
there's a place
deep down inside
where i breathe
i concede
to the sea

oh i wonder
is this all
i see?

there's only
you and me

so i wonder
will you wait for me
while i struggle
to breathe?

cast aside all doubt
to the wind
let it float away
to the sea

as i breathe
as i breathe
as i breathe

yes i wonder
will you wait for me
while i struggle
to breathe?

will you be there?
Track Name: alone
is there anyone awake here
is there anyone who shares
is there anyone alive here
is there anyone who cares

home lights
over oceans
of land
will one
hold my hand

is there anyone aware here
is there anyone who feels
is there anyone alone here
is there anyone who's real
Track Name: listen
you tell me what you dream
i'll tell you who you are

sometimes you'll find me wishing
that this whole world would listen

we billions one light beam
born streams of burning stars

are we now finally seeing
what we've been always being

people running all around
highways over and underground
cities made of steel and stone
babies call them home

creatures crawling on the ground
beehive busy buzzing sound
ant hills hailing to the queen
empires towering over trees
Track Name: you are god
etched in digital stone
this voice has found a home
inside your head
what can be said
to a computer grown
brains wrapped up in bone
open up your ears
how do you hear
put away those books
take a long look
who grew your hands
who writes your plans
who through your eyes
sees these blue skies
who made all this
take a wild guess

you are god

ages untold
found us all controlled
priest, president, king, czar
told us what we are
this is no more
broke down their door
no more mind cage
in this now age

we are god
Track Name: lovely
you lay there and cry
feeling sorry for your life
tearing yourself apart
drowning in thought
baby baby
tell me
why do you gotta be
your own worst enemy

trees and galaxies
can't you see
just like these
you are so lovely
how could you ever think
you're separate from everything

this modern myth
of where you end and i begin
is just some trick beyond the skin
of an outer world within

flowers and leaves
look and see
just like these
you are so lovely

birds and bees
look and see
just like these
you are so lovely
Track Name: beauty
horizon swallowed you by
and i was no longer home
a sip, a sin, and a sigh
and we slow danced alone

you smiled somewhere
and our lives changed
i found i could share
the things i never could say

you will find me
and i'll follow you

together we'll be
green light across the blue
don't run
though i'd run anyway
for this love of ours

at peace
shining silver or grey
i'll join you in the stars

i will find you
ton corps caché
metéore illuminé

i will find you
Track Name: empty
do what you will
share some sympathy
all that you do with me
is lost in eternity

grab all you want
you'll never hold on to me
everything you see
is totally empty

nothing we feel
is lasting or real
everything fades
womb to the grave

take what you can
yet in the end
it's all nowhere
smoke in thin air

come what may
all i can say
is savor this day
it will pass away

if everyone knew
their years are few
what would they do
faced with this truth

so here we all are
working so hard
climbing so high
do we know why

one thing is clear
everyone here
is in the same boat
sink or float

live and learn
suddenly turns
to one more step
die and forget
Track Name: mesmerize
when there's no place you feel at home
and you think you'd be better off alone

when you think there's no reason to try
and you hate yourself and you wanna die

when you're filled with anxiety
everyone's your enemy
wanna go out and kill yourself

you're overreacting

because you think you can't do your best

when you write yourself a stupid song
to remind yourself that you forgot

you're overreacting
Track Name: all the same
in a dream

in the darkness

in the silence

in a crowd

oh i
separate it
oh i
liberate it

it's all a dream to me
it's all the same to me

i wonder
while I wait

i think

i kiss
your lips
your spirit

oh i
separate it
oh i
liberate it

it's all the same
it's all a dream
to dream
Track Name: this
this is the way
how we move through the rain
how we grow through the pain
into the day
of youth born again

this is the place
where we open up our minds
where we turn and raise our eyes
into the space
of limitless faith

this is everything

this is the time
where we find we've got enough
where everyone all gives up
into the light
of universal love

this is home
where you and i both come from
where we are forever one
within this sea
of tranquility

this is everything

this is the end
where nothing else can be said
where words can no longer tread
onward we go
beyond the known

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