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by tryad

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tryad's first album, which began with the track 'the final rewind', an online musical collaboration between vavrek, rjmarshall, and john holowach.

arna garcia and ema ava soleil joined soon after as female vocalists .

our initial team of five created 'public domain', inspiring other vocalists and musicians, creating a growing sonic internet based free music collaboration which spans the globe .


released January 20, 2006




tryad Seattle, Washington

Tryad is an international Creative Commons music collaboration that was born in 2005.

Founded iby lead singer Andrew Vavrek, Tryad consists of a growing number of global artists.

Tryad publishes music under a copyleft license which allows for free downloading, sharing, remixing, public performance, use in video production, as well as commercial distribution.

Copy, remix, and share!

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Track Name: the final rewind
what is on our minds
are we running blind
what do we want to find
standing in these lines
waiting for a sign

will never turn back time
life is on the line
past is all behind

and i do
care as much as you
and try to make it through
what else can we do
Track Name: i see
in the night
i feel so right
you reach out
and squeeze me tight
i can hardly breathe

i feel
this feeling over me
i've got to believe
it's meant to be

talk to me boy
i can feel you coming
even when you're distant
i know you want me

talk to me boy
i can feel you now
know just what
you're thinking
because i'm thinking it too

sit and listen
notice how you turn
yourself away
it's how you are
it's what you say

why won't you feel me
i want you to be me
up into your world unknown

Track Name: seduction

the way that you go down

it's all


can you hear me listen

what do you think you're missin'

Track Name: our lives change
one little light
completely fills the night

one little life
makes this whole world alive

like waves
we all rise and fall away

our lives change
Track Name: witness
it's all the same
the excuses don't ever change
wasted life
too prone to hesitate

it's gone on much too long

i just sit and think
analyzing everything
don't know what to do
why, where, or how to
they say if you're ever stuck
in a rut
just go with your gut

my reflection is very clear
is to stare into the mirror
what's in front of me
a view of insecurity
this moment's wearing thin
it's now time to begin

it's time
it's time to begin

so much i kept inside
never sharing, never trying
every can't becomes
a means to an end

no more will i sit and wait
for my answer's in my fate
for now this will have to do
cause it's time
Track Name: peace on earth
i keep an open door
give me one good reason for a war
that keeps raging on
we've all been here before
now we've got to stand up once more
to sing this song

peace on earth

you leaders you seem a bit
out of control
do you see a part of it
do you see the whole

the day is dawning
and look what this age does bring
the world is calling
and you are part of everything

now it's all up to you
i tell you that it's not that hard to do
to get along
we are all waking up
feeling like we've had more than enough
we sing this song

peace on earth
Track Name: my piano sings
seems to be all we could need

fills our hearts up with heat

make a cold world warm

is a reason
hold on

better live before you are gone

before the end of the song

wake me up and keep going
you know
i fell apart at the seams today
pull the covers over

because you understand me
because the world cuts deeper
with love in my hands
because you move so simply with me
and night brings me back to this union
Track Name: star guide

space kids
stepping over skulls
in the streets
life lives on
life lives on
Track Name: arcadia
don't feel so strong
so i
must lean on myself
and i
don't really know how i'll get by
but i keep moving on

the weather beats down
so i
go under that tree
so high
and i
wait for that sun
that's due in life

'cause i live for that dream

life is but a dream
it's a choice mentality
it keeps me going on

i can dream

i'll just keep reaching for arcadia
Track Name: the rising
do you remember
a sky of blue
sun shining
down on you

do you remember
mountain streams
blooming flowers
and trees of green

did you ever
swim in a sea
breathing air where
air was free

tell me tell me
i want to know
about the rain
about the snow

what's it like to
lay on grass
watching the wind
push clouds past

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